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The idea for “Well Packs” came when our founder and CEO, Anna Mahoney, was at work in her acupuncture office and became frustrated about the lack of healthy options to send her patients when they fell ill or were injured. Anna realized that if she was frustrated with this, than others must be too. Although sugary gift baskets are sent with good intentions, Anna vowed to make a difference in the way that care packages are designed. Keeping that promise, Anna got to work making lists and researching high-quality products for every ailment.

Not only did Anna dedicate herself to the quality of the products, but she also insisted that the packaging be eco-friendly and that her company give back to the community. After thorough research, Anna decided that a portion of each Green Banana Well Packs sale is donated to local charities and all of the packaging products for Well Packs would be made from 100% recycled cardboard. As a result, each Well Pack is a carefully crafted gift that will leave a lasting impression on your heart and our community but not the Earth.

“I had a patient who had suffered from a fall. He was not in good shape and I wanted to send him something on behalf of our office to let him know that we were thinking of him. However, I was underwhelmed by the lack of health-conscious options that I had to choose from. As an acupuncturist and health enthusiast, I wanted the ability and privilege to send my patients something that was not only thoughtful, but would also help them to feel better and stay well.”

– Anna Mahoney Green Banana Well Packs Founder and CEO

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